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We are a full service Plumbing & Heating company that specializes in well systems. We're licensed, insured and registered with the Department of Environmental conservation. We pride ourselves on doing clean quality work that is not only installed to last, but done so using many quality AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS. 

All our complete pump system installations and replacements are guaranteed for a full 5 years, parts & labor from the date of original installation*. That's how confident we are on our work, and our products. 

Our shop is located in Putnam Lake, New York. It's fully stocked with everything we need for most installations in order to provide fast, 7 day a week service. When you're out of water, the last thing you want to hear is "Well, we cant get that part today, we'll have to come back Monday." We maintain our huge inventory to prevent just that! 

About our company

*lightning strikes and other outside causes are excluded